Our complete guide to the courses on offer to sixth form students.

For students who wish to join us from September 2017, please download this pdf of our course guide...

Frome College - Sixth Form Course Guide 2017 - 2019

Application forms to join the Sixth Form

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Frome College - Sixth Form Application Form 2016-2017 Frome College - Sixth Form application form 2016-2017
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Need some help or advice? Please ring our Sixth Form Office Manager, Mrs O'Connell, on 01373 469014.

If you'd prefer to have a printed copy of our Sixth Form Course Guide, please get in touch - we'll be happy to post one to you.

All applicants will be invited to a meeting to discuss their personal option choices. We welcome external applicants as much as our current Year 11 students who are considering returning to continue their studies at Frome College. A tour can also be arranged for students and their parents/carers who are new to the school.

Facilitating subjects

Facilitating subjects are the subjects most commonly required or preferred by universities to get on to a range of degree courses. They can help students keep their options open when choosing a degree and many of the top universities will ask you to have at least one A level in a facilitating subject when you apply.

What are the Facilitating Subjects?

The Russell Group, which represents 24 leading UK universities, defines facilitating subjects as:

English literature 
Modern languages
Classical languages
Maths and further maths

Why these subjects?

These are all subjects that universities require students to have to get on to many degree courses. For example, lots of science degrees require students to have two or sometimes three A levels in maths, physics, chemistry or biology.

Lots of specialist courses at A level and beyond also take a large part of their content or structure from facilitating subjects, for example, engineering includes elements of maths and physics; communication and culture includes skills from English and media studies – so choosing a facilitating subject will prepare you for a range of courses.

Curriculum Pathways

Download, view or print a copy of our Curriculum Pathways.


Frome College - Curriculum Pathways 2016  

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