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October 2021:
We intend to use the post 16 tuition funding primarily to support students who are retaking Maths GCSE. We are trying to flexible and accepting students into our sixth form even if they haven’t passed GCSE Maths, especially in light of the disruption of the last two years. These students often struggled with remote learning last year and struggled to engage with Maths more generally. They would benefit from face-to-face small group tuition to support them in their second attempt at taking GCSE Maths. It’s a crucial qualification so some small group tutoring will give these students the best chance of success and funding for this would be most welcome.
The Sixth Form at Frome College aims to equip our students with the skills, experiences and qualifications needed to succeed in the wider world. Within our safe and secure environment we want to foster an open-minded, curious and compassionate outlook in our students; helping them to make informed and intelligent decisions about their futures.
Application forms for joining the Sixth Form can be found at the bottom of this page.
We challenge the ‘past equals future’ paradigm and believe that success in the Sixth Form is driven by a blend of high quality teaching and non-cognitive factors such as vision, effort, systems, practice and attitude; all of which must be coached and developed by teachers, tutors and fellow students. 

Our staff promote intellectual risk-taking, personal responsibility and student leadership across the curriculum and wider enrichment programme.
We recognise that progress rarely follows a linear path and we want to support our students through the good times and the bad; the Sixth Form Team is on hand to offer help and advice when it is needed. 

Finally, despite the increasing maturity and independence of our students, we value the on-going support of parents/carers and seek to ensure that they are fully informed and involved in the development of our students.
Please click the image below to see our handbook:

Frome College - Sixth Form Open Evening

Richard Hood, Head of Sixth Form

“Frome College Sixth Form is a welcoming and supportive environment where all students have the chance to succeed. It is a privilege to help young adults in the Sixth Form achieve their goals and see them develop academically and socially into confident members of society. If you are looking for a fresh start or to continue your journey at Frome College, I urge you to apply for our Sixth Form. ”

Although there is no uniform requirement for Sixth Form students and you may wear clothes of your own choosing, it is crucial that you understand that clothing should be suitable for the working environment and must not interfere with your core aim of learning and achieving.

It is our expectation that all Sixth Form students will act as role models to our younger students, as ambassadors to the community, locally and nationally and to dress accordingly. To this end, clothing which could cause offence to others (by wording, imagery or being too revealing) is not permitted.

The following are also not permitted:

  • Hats (except outdoors in cold weather).
  • Miniskirts, short shorts (no more than 6” from the bottom of the knee).
  • Cropped or strappy tops (must have sleeves – short or long)
  • Tops which expose the abdomen are not acceptable
  • Ripped jeans or any other fabric.
  • ‘Beachwear’ including Bermuda-style shorts and flip flops/bare feet.
  • Excessive piercings and/or unnatural hair colour/styles are not permitted.
  • Coats and outdoor wear should be removed promptly at the start of lessons and when in Frome Futures.
    In certain subjects, there may be additional clothing guidelines for health and safety reasons and students should follow the expectations of that department e.g. science: any footwear that does not cover the whole foot, shorts, etc.

The judgement of the Sixth Form Team will be final.

Students’ responsibilities

You have chosen Frome College Sixth Form and in doing so you are choosing to commit to our attendance expectations:

  • You are required to be on campus for 30 hours per week.
  • You must sign in and out every day at Futures Reception using our biometric system.
  • You can tailor your working hours to suit your timetable but you should be in school before 12.20pm every day.
  • You must be in college at 8.45am on Wednesdays for assembly or briefing.
  • You must also be in college at 8.45am on one other day to attend your weekly tutor mentoring appointment.
  • Truancy Calls are activated if you do not register in the morning or attend lessons.
  • If an 8.45am absence is unavoidable, parents/carers are required to call 01373 469008 before 8.45am.
  • If parents do not respond to the Truancy Call, additional automated calls are generated.
  • If you have planned absences (e.g. open days for university) please complete an Absence Form at least 48 hours before the expected absence. Absence Forms are available from the reception in Frome Futures or from Tutors. You can also download one below, or you can make a copy from the form in your Journal.
  Learning activity
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday
Tutor mentoring/VESPA
You will attend a mentoring appointment with your tutor on one of these days. Mentoring group allocation are made to suit your timetable. During mentoring sessions, you will develop non-cognitive skills for learning including: Vision, Effort, Systems, Practice and Attitude (VESPA). It is essential you attend each week and develop your learning skills for the Sixth Form.
Week 1: Y12 Assembly in the Merlin, Y13 Briefing in F7
Week 2: Y13 Assembly in the Merlin, Y12 Briefing in F7


For further information, please contact the Sixth Form Team This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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